• Ken Young

Looking back, crazy times!

Around October 2019 I was fortunate enough to be engaged by Phil McKenzie to manage Pacific Smiles site expansion throughout the Eastern Seaboard, and manage the Pacific Smiles annual lease renewals, and what a journey this turned out to be. During the 27 months engaged we chalked up 27 new sites throughout QLD, NSW & VIC. This was significant not solely because of these site numbers and the 10 week build programmes, but moreover what was endured during this period. In 2020 & 2021 VIC & NSW endured approximately 12 months combined of restricted travel, curfews, postcode and State lockdowns. Looking back now i can only ponder as to how this was achieved, so to all those involved from the internal property team at Pacific Smiles to whom i had the fortune of working with, the lessors legal teams to whom i worked with finalising the lease documentation prior to handovers, and to all the leasing executives of these 27 sites listed who persisted with me during these challenging times, Thank you.

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