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Proactive Management

OSP, One Step Property engages in proactive management of their clients existing leasehold portfolio and when seeking out new opportunities for strategic growth, whilst eliminating any threats of problems before they emerge.

Evidentiary  Decisions

OSP undertakes Evidence Based Decision Making to bolster and increase our clients interim and long term success. Evidence based management and market statistics provide decision makers with the necessary tools & information to achieve our clients objectives & required outcomes.

Client Relationships

OSP, One Step Property understands the importance of the client and service providers relationship with delivering true value. This is reflected in our client tenure now averaging 7 years, with some relationships exceeding 10 years.

Performance Delivery

One Step Property has proven track record of over 15 years in delivering results for our clients and their objectives, and whilst OSP have transacted more than 2000 leases throughout AUS & NZ during this time, we understand the importance of quality and not quantity in our specialised industry.